Doubly Safe

With a uniquely-designed 'double-velcro' system, the MooseNoose can only be taken off the toddler's wrist using 2 hands, so your little one really is safe & secure.

1 metre stretch

With a coil stretch of around 1 metre, the MooseNoose allows your toddler some freedom & exploration, with the safety of knowing you are close by.

Comfort & Quality

Using only the very best neoprene fabric, double-stitching and thick coil, the MooseNoose provides the ultimate in comfort and quality.


If you are a retailer and would like to stock the MooseNoose Toddler Safety Harness, contact one of our International Distributors:


NEW ZEALAND: MooseBaby | | | +643 329-6790

SINGAPORE: Ubber Baby |

CHINA: Koyful | | +649 578-3488

SOUTH AFRICA: MooseNoose On-line store |

CHILE: Marca 2 |

EUROPE: Little Luca |

AUSTRALIA: MooseBaby |

JAPAN: Chinavi |

SAUDI ARABIA: Morecare International |


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